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Body Stress Release COVID-19 Protocol

In connection with the measures surrounding the Coronavirus, we would like to inform you about the guidelines we have received from our professional organization and the VBAG / RBCZ. These have been prepared for your and our safety. We therefore ask you to read and comply with them. The guidelines boil down to the following:

Prior to the consultation:

  • In case of cold, flu or fever symptoms in the client, practitioner or one of the housemates of both, the appointment will be canceled. For the client, the 24-hour cancellation condition will not apply as long as it concerns Corona phenomena.

  • Sufficient time will be planned between the consultations of the different clients so that the clients do not meet. This also gives the practitioner time to disinfect all surfaces and ventilate the practice area.

  • The client comes alone (unless a parent is accompanying a child) and is requested to come to the practice no more than 5 minutes before the appointment. The waiting room is not used. You will be called in by the practitioner.

  • If a client belongs to the group of “vulnerable people ”, it will be discussed whether the treatment is necessary. This group includes: the elderly> 70 years old, clients with chronic conditions (heart, lungs, kidneys or liver, Diabetes II, morbid obesity or untreated HIV).


During consultation:

  • In the waiting room there is disinfection gel, so that the client can disinfect hands.

  • The door to the treatment room is open for the client to enter.

  • The before and after discussion takes place at a minimum of 1.5 meters.

  • Before the release, a number of questions will be asked regarding your health. This way it can be checked whether the client can be treated safely.

  • The practitioner will wash hands thoroughly before and after the release.

  • At the request of the client or practitioner, a mouth mask can be worn.

  • The client throws away the facial tissue himself after the treatment.

  • The client is not offered water during the consultation. The client must bring this himself.


After the consultation:

  • The client leaves the treatment room immediately after the after call.

  • The room is then disinfected and ventilated by the practitioner.


Of course, the standard hygiene measures apply:

  • Don't shake hands

  • Wash hands regularly

  • Coughing and sneezing inside the elbow

  • Use of tissue paper


WC use

As long as the corona measures apply, we ask clients not to use the toilet in practice and to go to the toilet at home. If the toilet must nevertheless be used, the practitioner will clean and disinfect it immediately after use.

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