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"Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I cannot control or change."


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Our Story

Ingrid and Cheryl were both born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and are now settled in the Randstad Netherlands. We work together in work and in life. 


As professionals, Cheryl focuses on the body system, bringing Body Stress Release, Auricular Acupuncture and is now currently completing her studies in Naturopathic Nutrition. Ingrid brings positive psychology, learning theory and individuation coaching, for fellow creative management, with a focus on mindset, self and purpose, change management and envisioning change in your life. Ingrid has worked in corporates, ran a successful media and educational business in South Africa, lectured at university, mentored creatives and academics, and coached people through changes, big and small. 


We have both moved continents, renovated houses, travelled extensively, raised two kind sons to adulthood (relatively unscathed) and our pets are remembered for their significant personalities including Chester the cat who has a facebook following and Pepper the dachshund, who is fondly remembered in the children's story written after his (somewhat difficult) character. Change is a constant for us, and we hope to bring our experience to focus on the journey of each of our clients. 

About Us

Cheryl Brennon

Body Stress Release Practitioner

I have been practicing Body Stress Release since 2014 and have been running my practice in Johannesburg which I closed at the end of July 2019 when I relocated to The Netherlands.

I am a member of the Body Stress Release Association Netherlands (BSRAN), and registered with CAT. I have para-medical training as a Basic Ambulance Assistant and I have qualified as an Auricular Acupuncture Therapist. I am also qualified as an NLP and Life Coach.

I am passionate about helping others and being part of my client's journey to becoming pain-free, regaining balance, wellness, energy, and good health. I am an active and adventurous person and I love going to the gym, walking, running, and swimming and I will take any opportunity to travel.

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Ingrid Bruynse

Coach and Individuation Specialist

I am an education specialist, coach, and mentor. I have lectured at University and developed custom programs for learning and development. As an Individuation practitioner, I use positive psychology, depth psychology, learning theory, and coaching to assist you on the journey from surviving to thriving. We sometimes need someone to take the first steps of the journey together, and that's what I offer for Stress Support sessions (online and face to face, COVID permitting. 

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Wellness is possible. Even in the most challenging of circumstances, small incremental change in your mindset, your habits, your breath, your thoughts, and your choices can lead you on an up spiral, instead of a down spiral. Your body does know how to heal itself, but you need to have both body and mind, attitude and action to envision your best life. 


We help you find your individual path to remove obstacles to wholehearted living. We take a positive psychology view, based on an understanding of the difficult things that happen, and in addition, small actions combine to result in improvement in the body/mind/self system that is uniquely you. 



Your mindset that makes something change from challenge/crisis to new options and opportunity. 


Cheryl is deeply skilled and experienced in treating the body, in a way to move from stressed to thriving. 


Ingrid is a change management specialist. We have moved continents, worked in corporates, government and as startups. Challenges sometimes need a team approach, and we have complementary skills to assist both the body and mindset to reboot and start in the direction of your best life. 

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