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Stress Support Coaching

Feeling stressed and stuck? Sometimes it's specific stress at work and home and at times it can be a crossroads in your life, where you need to embrace some changes so that you can achieve full wellness in your life?

Ingrid Bruynse is a certified Coaching Professional. She can help you work through stressors and understand triggers and find a route towards your full potential and improved wellness. With her studies in psychology, Applied Linguistics, she uses a positive psychology model and affirm that you have the inner resources to manage whatever life throws at you, and stress coaching uncovers what's getting in the way of doing it successfully.

She believes that you have the resources to truly thrive, and see's coaching as a mirroring technique to get you in touch with your potential for stress management and using stress as fuel to achieve your aims. 

"Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside awakes."

Carl Jung


Contact Ingrid

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Phone: +31 64 771 5986



I have been incredibly lucky to have found Ingrid as a coach and mentor in my creativity business. She is an inspirer, a daredevil, a gentle support and holding a truthful “mirror” for the client's deep reflection and realization - all at the same time. She can give you the necessary little hunch to go out of your comfort zone and let yourself explore your creative potential and self-introspect yourself, in case you're feeling little stuck. The results I achieved in  only month and a half, were mind-blowing! I cannot express my gratitude for the warm, friendly, inspiring, positive, open-minded, free and playful guidance I received. Thanks to her qualifications and broad expert level preparation and astonishing background, I was able to overcome self-esteem & reassurance blockages that were stopping my personal and professional development for years. She gave me organisation, direction, inspiration, depth, structure and the ability to focus and implement my creative ideas – one idea at a time.  I highly recommend her! 


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