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The Body Stress Release Consultation

The BSR Technique is designed to help the body release its stored tension. With the person fully clothed and lying down, the practitioner carries out a series of tests to locate the exact sites of body stress and determines the precise directions in which the lines of tension exist. This is done by applying light pressure to various points on the body and observing the response. In this way, the body acts as a biofeedback mechanism, supplying the information required.


The practitioner then applies stimuli, using light but definite pressure, in the exact directions necessary to encourage the body to release the stored tension.


If the body stress has occurred recently, the process of releasing it is usually very rapid. However, if the stress has been stored for a long time, the stress releases may have to be carried out several times, over a period. This is because the tight, protective layers of the muscles tend to relax by degrees back to their normal tone.


The first session typically lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, while follow-up sessions are between 20 minutes and half an hour.



Body Stress Release is not a diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease.

It is concerned only with locating and releasing stored tension so that the body is assisted in its in-built ability to maintain and heal itself.

Maintenance Appointments

Most people who seek BSR are looking for relief from pain, stiffness, or other discomfort. BSR has a broader objective- it is concerned with assisting the body in maintaining health. To promote efficiency of body function we need to keep ourselves free from stored tension. To prevent body stress from accumulating, it makes sense to be assessed regularly, before problems arise. Clients experiencing relief from long-term pain or discomfort are highly motivated to continue with maintenance to prevent the problem from recurring.

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